HUNTING licence

Last weekend me and one of my friend went to take our hunting course it is a two day course and i did it i one day. it is a 70 question test and your alowed to get only 11 wrong if you get more you have to take the test again. The test costs $140 and if you fail you can take it again for $70. Sorry i haven’t went on my blog i had some time and i saw that people are still going on my blog. Now i am in grade nine and football takes most of my time it is hard to blog thank you viewers and comment and tell me how you found my blog

what I did over the summer

all summer my friend matt. we have ben fishing the harbour in tubes and in my friends boat house for sun fish. over the summer we caught lots ofhere they are a1 pound pike, 4 pound bass and lots of pan fish. But my favourite was carp because they fight like crazy and way about 6 or more pounds

pond fishing

last week my friends and I went down to the pear to fish for bass. after that we went to matts house to see if his dad would put the boat in the water.but he said no and then he said we could fish a pond with trout and other fish so we took our bikes there and all we could see was carp then we got 12 carp the bigest one was 4pounds

Bass opener

on saturday my fammly and I woke up at 4:30 and got out on the water and in the lines in the water at 6:30 . At first we only got one perch then we we found a good spot and got 15 smallmouth bass and then went to fishing derby and then when home and then got our fish cleaned that is what we did on Bass opner.


Over the last 1-2 weeks my friend matt and I went out in a inflatable tubes in the swamp to catch largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. On thursday Matt and I were out in the cattalls then I cought my first tube bass in a inflatable tube the bass pulled my about 50 feet .